Thursday, 29 September 2011

Emma was warned ........

Liverpool professional artist Keith Fearon paints photoreal and surreal images in oils. He also paints portraits of sports stars. Last year Keith won 1st prize in the freestyle art category at the Bold Street Festival. This year he topped the 'Peoples Choice' poll with an amazing chalk reproduction of his own painting 'Emma was warned about teasing'. (The original is on show in Keith's exhibition at the Corke Art Gallery, Aigburth, Liverpool - you'll have to hurry though, it finishes on Oct 8th.)

the finished work - and the Peoples Choice
early stage detail
amazing photo realism in chalk on pavement

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Steam and Power - a winner

Christine Edwards (Manchester) was the winner of the James Carling Award for Copy Art with this brilliant recreation of Peter Howson's 'Steam and Power'. I couldn't resist taking a photo of Christine's blackened face when she had finished her masterpiece (see below).

the winner of the Copy Art competition

tired, dirty and happy

Christine Edwards - an early stage of  Steam and Power

Catch Me if You Can

Heike Brinkman (London)
This lovely study of a bird and cat is produced with amazing detail (look at the hairs in the cat's ears) and I really love the colour of the cat's eyes. I can't quarrel with the judges' decisions - there was some stunning work on display - but I am left wondering how this freestyle art didn't pick up any award.

first appearance

This is Liverpool artist Martin Joseph's first attempt at pavement art! It is called Temperance and is based on a piece of his original artwork for Tarot cards. This was awarded joint 2nd prize in the freestyle section.

Martin Joseph puts the finishing touches to 'Temperance'

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

a local hero

Liverpool's 4th annual Bold Street Festival was held last weekend. The James Carling International Pavement Art Competition was a major feature on Sun (25th Sept). I spent the day wandering around with my camera and in the coming days I'm going to put some photos here of the artists' amazing creations. Here's a bright starter from Italy's Alberto Forlenza. I don't need to identify the subjects.

beginning the second portrait

Alberto Forlenza and his amazing hat

Monday, 26 September 2011

hang on ....... I'll be ready in 24hrs ...... OK?

I've only just decided to put my Bold Street Pavement Art photos into a separate blog - otherwise they will takeover my main Liverpool blog - Natural Light. So, bear with me for a day whilst I kick this new blog into shape and add some content. I'll be as quick as I can ....... OK? (please visit Natural Light whilst you are waiting)